Patient Resources


In Australia, everyone is entitled to basic healthcare. The Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care considers the rights of people seeking health care to be a national priority. In line with the Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights, Specialist Endodontics have developed a Charter of Patient Rights that is specific to our practice.


Specialist Endodontics aims to provide patients with appointments to meet their treatment needs. If you require us to treat you, you must:
o Make an appointment
o Notify us within 24 hours if you wish or need to cancel or reschedule your appointment or we may charge a $300 cancellation fee
o Treat our staff and specialists with respect

We will:
o Notify you by email two days prior and telephone one day prior to your scheduled appointment to confirm your attendance


Specialist Endodontics always aims to provide endodontic treatment in a safe, secure and supportive environment. You have the right to be safely treated and we ask that you always raise concerns about safety with your Endodontist.

We ask that you complete a medical and medication history before your first appointment and advise us of any changes to your health or medication before every appointment. Medical Histories will be updated annually.


Specialist Endodontics values all patients and undertake at all times to provide Endodontic treatment in a manner that is respectful to culture, beliefs, values and personal characteristics.
We ask that you are considerate and respectful of our staff, practitioners and other patients.


Our patients have the right to receive enough information to make informed decisions about their treatment. You must:
o Make choices and actively participate in treatment decisions and needs
o Ask your Endodontist for further information about treatment and risks if you feel that you are not yet confident enough to make a proper choice
o Take your time to think about all aspects of treatment, including price
o Communicate your decisions clearly to your Endodontist.


Patients at Specialist Endodontics can expect that their personal, health and other information will be collected, used, disclosed and stored in accordance with Australian Privacy legislation and that the information will remain confidential unless the legislation allows discussion or the patient directs release of the information. Please read our Privacy Policy, available on our website.


Our patients are encouraged to offer both positive and negative feedback. We commit to properly responding to concerns or complaints within 21 days.

To offer feedback you can call our Practice Manager on 02 4944 4000 or email

If you wish to make a serious complaint, we ask that you email to the above address or provide this in writing to our practice address:
Specialist Endodontics
1/40 Ridley Street
Charlestown NSW 2290